Entasis Therapeutics (ETTX) Announces Positive Results of Phase 3 ATTACK Study

Today, ETX stock in the pre-market jumped by 20.9% and cost $3.74. Yesterday, the company’s stock fell by 1.27% and closed at $3.1100. The results of Entasis Therapeutics’ (ETTX) ATTACK project, a Phase 3 global registration trial comparing the safety and efficacy of SUL-DUR against colistin in patients with Acinetobacter baumannii infections, were released today.

When comparing SUL-DUR to colistin for a cure, there was a statistically significant difference in clinical response in favor of SUL-DUR. By showing a statistically significant reduction in nephrotoxicity, SUL-DUR met the primary purpose of the safety study. SUL-DUR is the first investigational medicine to show efficacy against carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter in a 28-day all-cause mortality study. The positive ATTACK test result represents the culmination of the team’s efforts and a significant step forward for Entasis. Currently, the first regulatory submission is being prepared, which will take place in mid-2022.