ENZC Stock Soars 60% Over The Past Week: Will It Continue?

Over the past five days, the stock has been rapidly moving up, showing the best indicator for the last month $0.180. The increase in shares was caused by the company’s recent announcement on the development of vaccines with antibodies against HTLV-1. Using a proprietary artificial intelligence methodology, the Company’s own artificial intelligence team continues to identify critical areas of viruses against which monoclonal antibodies will be produced to treat infectious viral diseases.

ENZC Stock Soars 60% Over The Past Week: Will It Continue?

Experts recognize the importance of producing multiple monoclonal antibodies targeting multiple conserved sites as a necessary approach to effective therapy, which could cause the rise of shares to an unrecognizable mark. Developing the patented vaccine gives confidence to shareholders that with the successful sale of the product, the shares will undoubtedly rise.

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Looking back, it’s reasonable to assume that the organization is serious about developing a vaccine, since it released an anti-covid vaccine in February 2021, leading to a 5-fold increase in stocks from $0.173 to $0.6. If the company manages to develop such an important vaccine today, we can assume that the shares will rise at least two times.

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