Enzolytics (ENZC) Attempts To Recover: Should You Buy Next Week?

The Enzolytics (OTC: ENZC) stock had been one of the stocks to watch in February as it rallied strongly and eventually hit new highs.

However, the stock has correctly just as sharply since then and declined by as low as 60% from those highs. While it is true that the Enzolytics stock has declined sharply, it is necessary to note that the stock is still up by as cosmic as 450% in 2021 so far. More importantly, there was a development with regards to the company last week that investors could take note of.

On March 8, the company announced that it filed for patent protection in relation to the 8 conserved sites that it managed to identify in the HIV 1 virus. In addition to that, the application in question is also going to get extended overseas and allow Enzolytics to get the necessary patent protection in as many as 153 nations.

Richard McEntire

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