Enzolytics (ENZC) Takes a Hit On Broader Market Fall: What Now?

It is often seen that stocks that make significant gains over a short period of time correct quite sharply and that can prove to be a buying opportunity for new investors.

Enzolytics (ENZC) Takes a Hit On Broader Market Fall: What Now?

ENZC is a case in point, which has corrected by as much as 60% after it managed to hit a high of $.96 a share in February. In light of that development, it might be a good idea to take a deeper look at the company and its business. Perhaps the most important factor behind the popularity of the Enzolytics stock is the fact that the licensing rights for Pepsin Fraction peptide molecule are owned by the company. It is meant for the treatment of AIDS and it is claimed that the molecule is significantly different from other forms of treatment.

It does not have any toxicity issues and costs considerably less. Last but not the least, the total addressable market for the product as of 2027 could be worth as huge as $37 billion.

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