EOS Shows A Boost Today: What’s Next?

EOS’s price fluctuates and overshoots in both directions as it holds the value of $4.56. Prices, on the other hand, rarely go in the other direction for a lengthy period of time, which is troubling. If cryptocurrencies are outperforming Bitcoin at the moment, they may continue to do so if Bitcoin falls. This might, however, give an opportunity to accumulate EOS at a lower cost. The price of EOS has fallen in recent days as investors shift their funds to Bitcoin in anticipation of an ETF approval.

How to create a DAC on EOS- The Cryptonomist Following a strong recovery from its late-September low, EOS appeared to be on track to recoup the losses it had sustained in the final three weeks of September. Altcoins, on the other hand, have fallen out of favor this week and continue to lose ground to Bitcoin, which hit a 5-month high of $57,500 yesterday. The rising expectation that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would soon delist the major US-listed bitcoin-based ETF is one reasonable rationale for BTC’s outperformance. In most cases, EOS has a significant link with the market leader.