EOS Surges 7% Today: Is It Worth Investing?

The 24-hours chart shows a 6.8% increase in the token price. EOS price today is $5.45, with a trading volume of $2,203,879,880 and Market Cap of $ 5,276,047,498. The price was stable for 12 hours before rising to $ 5.32. At 6 o’clock in the evening, the price fell back, but after a while, it was able to recover. EOSIO is a high-performant open-source blockchain-platform, designed to support and operate secure, compliant, and predictable digital infrastructures.

EOS Token Swap – These Exchanges Support the Mainnet MoveEOS token has reached a record high on April 29, 2018, when its price was $22.71 This made the token higher at an all-time high of $ 17,557 compared to its value as of September 17th. This has increased its value by 340%. As for the performance in August, the price of EOS August 2 was $3,910, which was the lowest point. The highest point of the token in the past month was on 16 August, when he was worth $5,875. The token price increased to $1,965. Given all this, we can realistically expect that by the end of September EOS cost will rise to $6,50. This makes the EOS a reliable investment.