EQTEC (EQT.L) Shares Fall 11.02%: Will It Ever Recover From Losses?

EQTEC shares are in a deplorable state since the end of 2017. The last significant peak in prices stood at 8 GBP. Currently, the price is trading at 1.09 GBP with an 11.02% loss in shares. The company is quite volatile with a high beta score of 3.17 which means that the prices might swing unpredictably.

EQTEC has announced a significant reduction in 2019 losses, as well as increased demand for its waste-to-energy services beyond 2020. The AIM-listed company recorded a loss of €3.6 million for the end of December 31, 2019, down from an €8.2 million loss from the previous year, while sales were €1.6 million, down from €2.2 million in 2018.

Demand for EQTEC’s technology and services remains robust, the company stated, stressing that the waste-to-energy industry is expected to develop, and there are early signs of increased demand.While the coronavirus’s impact has yet to be assessed, the firm believes the pandemic may affect the pace and type of climate action favorably, which may speed up recovery.

Paul Meyer

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