Ergo’s Third Hackathon Is Coming Soon

As of today, the price of Ergo is pretty volatile by dropping from its peak of $3.62 to $3.44, losing about 1.99%. And within a week the graph shows a decrease of almost 15%. Over the past year, the Ergo ecosystem has achieved several important indicators, giving a market cap of $110,301,323 million. And last week, the platform published its plans and forecasts for 2022. Investors should have a check at the company’s statement.

The platform has been registered on many new exchanges, and now you can buy on KuCoin,,, Hotbit, ProBit Global, etc. Further, Ergo collaborated with Kairon Labs, a leading producer of the cryptocurrency market, and according to that, in 2022, the platform plans many events and partnerships. Ergo mobile wallet is undoubtedly one of the most promising in the ecosystem. As you know, the platform has successfully launched its mobile wallet on Android and iOS devices. Accordingly, in 2022, it is expected that the Ergo mobile wallet will contain more functions, improve its quality, and will be updated to a new version. Finally, Ergo will release the third part of Hackathon III, which is scheduled for February 2022.