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Etermon (ETM) Token Starts Staking Today Before P2E Game Release

  • P2E crypto games are destined to drain job markets
  • ETM staking begins today
  • Marketplace to be open tomorrow

Not many years remain for metaversians to earn and play at the same time by leaving their full income jobs. They won’t need physical 9 to 6 jobs where they have to be obedient all the time. The crypto world offers you a job and fun!

Today we witness Etermon play-to-earn crypto project has already launched its ETM token at Pancakeswap before beginning its staking process. ETM holders are getting a clear chance today for staking it one month before the game launch.

On the 18th of March, Etermon will make its marketplace available for all ETM holders. If the token soars in other crypto markets the ETM stakers will have a big chance to earn big profits after a successful game launch.

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