Ethereum Pops Today: Sign Of Further Gain?

One of the most recognizable names in the world of cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Ethereum is a form of digital money that is primarily used on the Ethereum platform. Ether can be sent fairly quickly to acquaintances over the Internet – usually for a much lower cost than other altcoins.

Today, the coin has been on a significant increase in price the coin by 1%, which gives the price of $3,797.87. Moreover, the total market capitalization of the coin equals $448,623,209,813.

Recently, 500 thousand Ethereum was “burned” in the cryptocurrency network. The altcoin burning process started after the London update, which was activated on August 5. The value of all destroyed coins to date has exceeded $ 1.75 billion.

Furthermore, experts estimate that price of Ethereum will grow in the future and the price will exceed $4000. Analysts predict that on the background of continued growth in bitcoin and Ethereum quotes, the capitalization of the crypto market could reach a record $ 2.6 trillion.