EtherSmart (ETM) Plummets Over 50% Today With No News: Should You Worry Yet?

EtherSmart’s price is currently at $19.7, down by 50.6% in the last 24 hours. Its last price was $49,239,478. Ethersmart is an AI-powered trading app founded in January 2020. Its founder, Nizam Corwin, is an experienced AI engineer who worked for some of the biggest banks in the world.

Ethersmart is an AI-based platform that enables users to develop their own smart trading app. Ethersmart is a digital bank founded in Dubai that aims to become the first digital bank in Asia to be able to accept Bitcoin. Its goal is to become the world’s 10th largest digital currency by 2022 and is supported by the United Arab Emirates government.

Token burning is a process that will permanently remove old cryptocurrencies from circulation. The total supply of 55 million tokens will be burned. Only 21 million will be allowed to circulate. Token burning is a feature of blockchain projects, as it prevents tokens from being recovered once they’re burned. It’s a decentralized, inflation-resistant, and transparent financial platform that can increase significantly.