Etsy (ETSY) Stock Grows Year-Over-Year, Rising 500% In Total: How Risky Might This Investment Be?

Etsy stock was showing not really positive results for over 5 days. The price of the stock mostly declining sharply. The company has been growing 500% since the day it first was launched onto the market. This past 5 days the Etsy stock has fallen 6%. The company is on its way to hitting the market hard in the future.
Etsy is a platform where people can find and purchase hand-made products. The COVID-19 pandemic has been great for the company to gain more audience on realizing its business. Etsy is still increasing the product experience for the clients in order to sell more and gain more revenue. They use discounts with some nuances for the sales to grow.

The Etsy company has made some acquisitions. The company has now access to Latin America thanks to these acquisitions. Also, they now appear in the fashion reselling market. The company has grown very well but has a small market capitalization equaling around $24 billion. The stock trades 65 times more than expected of its management team.

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