Evaxion Biotech Soars Crazy 207%: What’s Next?

Evaxion Biotech is popular among institutional investors. EVAX stock surges over 207% in the pre-market session today to $15.70 from just $6.50. Most institutional investors may be unfamiliar with Evaxion Biotech Inc. (EVAX). None of the hedge funds that we know about have a meaningful investment in the company. The top 5 shareholders own a majority of the company’s shares. This shows that their management has a significant say in the company’s decisions.

With a total of 75 million shares, insiders have control over Evaxion Biotech A/S. With a 46% ownership, the public has some degree of influence over Evaxion Biotech. Eva Biotech A/S is a clinical-stage AI-biotech company that uses its platform to develop novel immunotherapies for treating various diseases. Its lead product candidate is EDEN, which is designed to treat bacterial diseases.

The company develops products for the treatment of various cancer indications, including non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma. It has three clinical trials in Phase I/IIa for the treatment of melanoma, breast cancer, and lung cancer. Its pipeline includes various programs related to the treatment of infectious diseases, such as EVX-B1. It has collaborations with various research centers and hospitals in Denmark, including Herlev Hospital, the Center for Genomic Medicine, and the University Hospital Copenhagen.