Everything You Need To Know About CryptoGuards Token

CryptoCity has three platforms that connect them and which you’ve probably heard of, such as CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes, and recently CryptoCity launched a third platform called CryptoGuards. It was launched in December 2021 and deployed on Binance Smart Chain with standard BEP-20. Nevertheless, today CryptoGuards’ price is not satisfactory; it is strongly plummeted to $0.6451, losing roughly 46% within a day. Since its launch the new token gaining momentum well and has gained almost 131,404 holders in two months, while its market cap equaled $9,502,264.45, ranking at 3015, respectively.


The function of the game is that players must first arm themselves with formidable weapons in the form of non-exchangeable NFTs. All participants of the game can interact with each other, so the platform is based on Metaverse. The player’s goal is to protect the Metaverse to earn experience points and in-game tokens $CGAR. In conclusion, this is a new cryptocurrency that has attracted a lot of attention from investors in a short time.