Exchanges Lose $1B BTC in 24 hours: a Bullish Signal?

The crypto market still looks bearish for its plunging coins and tokens which tragically keep losing their values on billions of US dollars volumes daily. At the same time, some positive-thinking crypto investors are still collecting over one billion US dollar BTC coins. A prominent Watcher.Guru shares cheering information on future bullish signals from Bitcoin price.

If in 24 hours BTC is escaping from speculative exchanges how about other altcoins like ETH, SOL, or HBAR? They are surely doing the same thanking visionary bullish holders for giving a grateful chance to get rid of the feared individual traders.

Long-term BTC fans are still waiting for the coin to dip further to the $20k price. Within two years Bitcoin will abruptly rise again like in November 2021. Perhaps inflation is pressuring the crypto market or an organic burst is happening as it must be. For example, the real estate market faces its peak and bottom while almost all banks create their diversified products or loans based on land or building properties.