Exela Technologies Extends A Long Partnership For Over 35 Million Dollars

Exela Technologies’ relationship for two decades with a leading consulting firm has been renewed. This agreement reaffirms the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The contract is for the implementation of digital mailroom and intelligent lockers solutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Exela deployed its digital mailroom solution, which allowed its customers to get their mail from anywhere.

Exela Technologies

The solution allowed the organization to seamlessly transition its employees to a remote working environment. With the addition of Exela Technologies’ intelligent lockers, organizations can now offer their employees a flexible way to receive and exchange packages. The company’s Document Management System is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to manage and share digital assets. It can be accessed through a secure web-based portal. The platform’s intelligent document processing capabilities enable organizations to accelerate digital transformation. According to Suresh Yannamani, the president of Exela, the company’s robust digital asset management platform is seeing increasing demand from both the SMB and enterprise markets.