Exela Technologies Extends Its Contracts With Several Companies

Exela Technologies announces that it will continue its contract with the world’s leading bank. The expanded contract includes a variety of payment processing services, including foreign payment processing. Exela is a provider of software and services that help organizations improve their managing their personnel, accounting, and other processes. On January 12, the company announced that it has expanded its partnership with Mastercard to help with the automatization of more than 11 million transactions in Norway. Due to the complexity of foreign transactions and the security concerns associated with them, Exela’s clients typically require a level of sophistication in their payment processing.

Exela Technologies

As the demand for international payment processing grows, Exela Technologies continues to expand its offerings. Through its partnership with Mastercard, Exela is able to offer its clients a more robust payment processing solution, which is called Giro payments. Aside from processing transactions, Exela also offers a variety of solutions that help clients improve their operations. Some of these include manual and automated processing of accounts receivables and payments. The company also offers various analytical and data-driven services such as revenue recovery and litigation consulting.