Exela Technologies Goes Into Several New Partnerships

Exela Technologies today announced that it has expanded its relationship with a prominent health insurance organization, which has been a customer for almost two decades. The new client joins Exela’s growing list of PCH Global’s customers, which includes some of the largest health insurance organizations in the country. This latest deployment cements the company’s commitment to helping its customers digitally connect with their members and providers. PCH Global’s cloud network supplies with the highest levels of reliability and resiliency. The company’s robust data analytics are also being continuously improved to support its customers’ business.

Exela Technologies

Exela Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based digital transformation solutions, today announced that it has expanded its relationship with Mastercard to support the automation of payment processing in Norway. As part of this agreement, Exela will develop and deploy a new solution that will automatically extract payment documents from the Brevgiro platform in Norway. This solution will enable the processing of over 11 million transactions. Vitalie Robu, Exela’s president, noted that this project is part of the company’s XBP program, which is a global initiative that aims to enable faster processing of transactions.

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