Exela (XELA) Stock Surges On Stronger Balance Sheet

Since January 2022 Exela is surviving two major regressions in its stock value. One of the major factors impacting negatively on XELA shares is an unhealthy balance sheet with a great number of liabilities. Today the company announced repaying $50 million of cash to cover Revolving Loan Exchange and Prepayment Agreement and the remaining $50 million is exchanged for 11.500% First-Priority Senior Secured Notes due 2026.

Such great news should have pumped the XELA shares cosmically high but investors are busy trading other stocks that have even no news. However, from this day XELA might be the only growing stock without declines. For example today it is gaining 1.25% on 22 million shares only.

Exela is serving more than 4000 customers in 50 countries in the field of business process automation (BPA). This means it helps businesses optimize their organizational workflows reducing the number of employees by saving a great number of financial resources. Other things like collecting and processing data, productivity, end-user experience become a secondary options in serving the firms.

Nothing can stop now unemployment in developing countries unless people get rid of the technology that replaces humans in daily routine. Unfortunately, Exela is trying hard to minimize the workforce of its customers who mutually agrees to achieve that evil deed!

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