Exicure Submits A Notice Of Late Submission To The SEC

Exicure is an American medical company specializing in the production of SNA (Spherical Nucleic Acid) medicines for various illnesses, in particular, inflammatory and oncological diseases. It’s the author of AST-008, if approved, it will become a drug for the treatment of serious tumors, XCUR-FXN, intended for the treatment of Friedreich’s ataxia, AST-005, created for the treatment of psoriasis, etc. Its shares are traded on NasdaqCM under the symbol XCUR and each is worth $ 1.07. The price fluctuated at the same level for 2 days, from November 9 to 11, and before the close of the trading session, it soared to the weekly high of $ 1.14.

The company is powerless to file a quarterly report, which, as everyone knows, ended on September 30 of this year, as it became known that irregularities occurred in relation to the XCUR-FXN preclinical study, as reported by the prior staff member researcher. An external counsel was hired to clarify the problem and investigate the complaint. It is not known how long the investigation and disclosure of information will take. However, Exicure has filed a “late filing notice” with the SEC, so it can avoid penalties for not submitting the required forms.