Express (EXPR) Makes Solid Move: Are You Bullish?

Among the many stocks that soared on Friday, one of the more notable gainers was the Express, Inc. (NYSE: EXPR) stock. The company, which is involved in apparel retail, saw its stock rocket by as high as 53% on Friday.

The gains made by Express were linked to a major development that took place last week. As everyone knows, Express has been struggling for quite a while and last week the company announced that it struck a new deal that will result in additional financing to the tune of as much as $140 million.

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It goes without saying that it is a significant injection of cash and the market seems to have given the deal a thumbs up. The financing is going to consist of a term loan due in May 2024 of $90 million and a delayed term loan of $50 million. The financers with which Express signed the deal are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sycamore Partners, and Wells Fargo.

Anthony Gonzales

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