Exxon Mobil (XOM) Stock Plunges After Announcement of Vice President Retirement

On July 19, 2021, Exxon Mobil stock is trading at $ 55.06. A big decline has been seen since the close of the market on Friday when the price was $ 57.34, which is 4.06% more than the current one. Starting from June 25, 2021, the company has suffered losses and has managed to lower the price by 14.63%. However, 2021 is still quite profitable for the company, but it cannot be compared with the years before 2019.
Andrew Swiger, Exxon Mobil Corporation’s executive vice president, recently declared his desire to retire on September 1 despite more than 43 years of employment. Such news is a big shock for companies and promises significant changes, both in the price aspect of the stock and in the internal performance of the company.

Thus, Exxon Mobil announced on Monday that Kathryn Mikells, a veteran Diageo Plc, and United Airlines manager, has been named chief financial officer, starting August 9. Mikells was most previously the financial director at Diageo and a participant of its management board. She has accepted CFO positions at Xerox, ADT, and Nalco, a water treatment services provider.

Richard McEntire

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