Exxon Mobil Stock Pops: Here Is How The Company Is Going To Help Environment

Today, it was announced that Exxon Mobil Corporation is intending to construct its first big recycling facility which will focus on the placates. This construction will take a place in Baytown, Texas, and it is waited to get started at the end of the next year. However, if we take a look at the chart for the last month, we can see that the stock was trading at $54.58 from September 9 to September 17. After it declined to $53.08 on the next day and then XOM started to gain with the average pace until it reached $62.57 on October 5, which can be considered the highest price during the last 30 days.

This construction will be able to solve some ecological issues by recycling the plastic waste into the usage materials which can be used in the processes of creating plastic or any other necessary staff. For now, the not big and temporary facility is already stated to operate.