F-star Therapeutics Starts Cooperation With Johnson & Johnson: On What Terms?

FSTX climbed to $ 7.3 today after trading for two days at the low price of $ 5.96, 22% below the 5-day high. However, in recent hours, the stock worth has dropped to $6.68.

F-star Therapeutics is a healthcare company, that develops drugs aimed at activating the body’s immune system to recognize and fight cancer cells, which positively affects the lives of people with cancer.

F-starTherapeutics has announced that it has signed a licensing and partnership agreement with Janssen Biotech, Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical company.

The agreement allows F-star to receive advance payments of $ 17.5 million and short-term fees. Furthermore, it can earn potential multi-level single-digit royalties on net annual sales.

According to the terms of the agreement, F-star grants Janssen an exclusive, royalty-free license to investigate, develop, and sell five new bispecific antibodies, using Fcab and mAb2  platforms.