Facebook Stock Abruptly Loses $17,27: What’s Going On?

Facebook’s market is down 5.05% in one day, losing about $17 per share. After a global failure in the Facebook system in early October, small glitches continue to this day. Perhaps because of this, investors are selling shares and are not going to support the company. In one month, the company reduced the stock market by 8.19% and lost $28.97. Also, volatility has become a frequent guest in prices, therefore, the value shows fragile dynamics. The current stock price is equal to $324.61, which is higher by 20.70% than it was in January.

i?id=7fed954260693ab10b9d7fcaea6d451d l&n=13Recently, due to a hacker operation, the information of most users of the system was shared, including their email addresses, phone numbers, age, place of residence, and work. Statistics show that today Facebook is frequently used by older people compared to young people. A recently fired Facebook employee complained about Facebook’s management system, in his opinion, there is a complete monopoly in the application, the majority of votes in the board of directors belong to Mark Zuckerberg, who is also CEO of the company.

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