Facedrive (FDVRF) Keeps Hitting New Highs: Soars 210% in a Month

The electric vehicle space has been on quite a roll over the past year or so and nowadays there are plenty of options for investors who are trying to get into the sector. One stock that could be considered at this point is that of the Canadian company Facedrive Inc (OTC: FDVRF).

The Facedrive stock has been on a remarkable run over the past month and grew as much as 210% during the period. Following an announcement last week, the stock soared by as high as 80% through the week.

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Facedrive announced the launch of a new product named Steer in Canada. Steer is an electric vehicle subscription service and has already emerged as the fastest-growing service in the category in the United States. The service is first going to be launched in the city of Toronto in the first week of March this year. The launch of Steer in Toronto is part of the company’s growth strategy in North America.

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