Falcon Oil & Gas Shares Plummet 6,73%: Is It Worth Investing Now?

Falcon Oil & Gas shares fell by 6.73% and are trading at 9.70 GBP. Since the beginning of this month, the company’s shares have achieved significant results. On September 2, the shares were worth 4.91 GBP. The next day, the price rose to 10.39 GBP. On September 6, the share price jumped to 14.06 GBP. When Falcon Oil & Gas last reported on its balance sheet in March 2021, it had zero debt and $ 10 million in cash. This means that as of March 2021, it had a box office streak of approximately 4.7 years.

Falcon Oil & Gas Shares Plummet 6,73%: Is It Worth Investing Now? Last year, the income from the operating activities of Falcon Oil & Gas reached 6.0 thousand US dollars, which shows that the company is profitable at this time. With a decrease in cash flow by 8.3%, it seems that management believes that the company is spending enough money to advance its business plans at the appropriate pace. Falcon Oil & Gas’s cash flow of US $ 2.2 million represents about 3.3% of the company’s market capitalization of US $ 69 million. This is a low share, so we believe that the company will be able to raise more cash to finance growth with a little dilution, or even just borrow some money.

Lora Nilsson

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