Fantom (FTM) Gains 7%: Should You Consider Investing?

During the last 24 hours, the token was trading at $1.22 with the average volatility until it started to surge and reached $1.36 which is the highest one. The market capitalization of FTM is more than $3,395,804,461 while the trading volume is approximately $355,076,338. Currently, there are more than 2.5 billion tokens of Fantom with a total supply of $3.18 billion. Binance is considered the most active exchange if you are interested in obtaining or selling this crypto.

A $1,000 Investment in Ethereum Five Years Ago Would Be Worth $195,000 TodayFantom is the Smart Contract platform that is based on DAG. The innovation is aiming to find the solutions for the scalability problems that the distributed ledger technologies have. It also wants to be different from the other traditional edger-based storage infrastructures by utilizing a better version of the current protocols which are based n DAG. Additionally, it is known that FTM has adopted the new protocol which is called “Lachesis Protocol” in order to maintain consensus.