Fantom (FTM) Slightly Moves -3.5% As It Announces A Collaborative Project With Bware Labs

Fantom has just announced the beginning of cooperation with Bware Labs. Bware Labs is a leading provider of blockchain endpoints, which will now support the main and test Fantom networks. While the price reaches the mark of $1.23, accounting decline. Due to to the collaboration, Fantom developers get access to Bware services and can now create blockchain APIs that can connect their dApps to the Fantom Network. The entire process of creating blockchain APIs and connecting them to the Fantom network takes less than a minute. The partnership with Bware comes at a time when the Fantom platform is experiencing rapid growth, and developers hope to use Fantom’s ability to provide completeness in less than a second and almost zero gas fees to support their decentralized applications.Ethereum Falls 10% In Rout By In addition, there are several projects that have already taken advantage of the compatibility of Fantom EVM, using it to migrate their Ethereum solutions. One such example is the Atari network. Fantom has demonstrated significant growth in its on-chain statistics, which reflects the growth that is currently taking place in the Fantom Network. Due to a high and unprecedented speed of expansion, the partnership with Bware Labs gives developers an effective method of connecting to the Fantom blockchain without investing the time, money, and effort needed to develop and maintain the node.

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Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter