Fantom (FTM) Surges 5.6%: What Should You Know?

On the chart for the last day, the token is performing with the average volatility. For instance, it was $1.16 at 8:30 pm, then, after some increase, it reached $1.26 at 12:20 am. Close to 2 am, it declined to $1.23 and has fluctuated at that level till 11:25 pm. The highest price for today was $1.28 at 12 pm. After this peak, crypto began to fall until it reached $1.17. The market capitalization of the FTM is more than $3,100,254,830 while the trading volume is $567,715,067.

Londra hardforku sonrası Ethereum tabanlı tokenlar yükselişte!For now, there are more than 2.5 billion coins with a total supply of $3.18 billion. Binance is the most active exchange for selling or buying this crypto. Fantom is the smart contract platform that is based on DAG. The main goal of this innovation is to solve the scalability problems of the technologies which are considered as public ledger. The platform is going to differ from the traditional ones by the safe of the improved versions of the protocols which are based on DAG. 

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