Fantom Now Partners With Stader Labs For New Staking Approach

Fantom introduces and implements a new approach to staking. Instead of locking tokens for 3-6 months, the Fantom staker can lock tokens for a short period of time, and then unlock them again if needed. Fantom Foundation has announced a partnership with Stader Labs to use their solutions for collateralizing and liquidating dividend-paying tokens. The result is that Fantom stakers will be able to collateralize their staked FTM and mint liquid staking tokens usable across the network.

Stader Labs is a leading provider of FinTech solutions for financial institutions, including banks, brokerages, and asset managers. The company provides a full suite of end-to-end solutions designed to mitigate risk and increase profits for its customers. The staking process is now much simpler, and the number of steps has been reduced significantly. Users can delegate their FTM tokens to a staker in exchange for 0.1% of the staked FTM amount to be “staked” by the delegatee. Additionally, users will be able to purchase FTM delegation packages directly from Fantom Team and delegate their FTM to a staker of their choosing. The Fantom Foundation is excited to announce the launch of its new DeFi service, lending, and Masternode services on Fantom. The company is backed by the Ethereum blockchain.