Farmmi (FAMI) Is Losing Investor Confidence Due To Its Attitude To Shareholders

Farmmi is engaged in the processing and sale of agricultural products to countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. The list of offered products includes different types of edible mushrooms, as well as food products from them. The company’s regular customers are restaurants, cafeterias, and supermarkets. Over the past six months, the price of FAMI has plummeted 20%. During this period, the maximum worth was $ 0.6, and the minimum was $ 0.21. On November 10, the stock cost $ 0.32 with a trading volume of $ 49,386,675.
In 2021 alone, the company diluted shares 2 times in order to increase its fortune. In its first growth in April, Farmmi raised nearly $ 50 million through a 141 million share issue (each worth $ 0.3). As a result, the price of FAMI dipped. The second time, it provided 227 million shares ($ 0.22 per share) more than the previous one, and revenues exceeded $ 80 million, which ultimately amounted to $ 120 million for both deals. When the stock was worth $ 0.8 and the company sold about 370 million shares for $ 0.22, the holders were insulted. Its actions like this show that the company doesn’t care about its investors at all, proving every time that they are not important. At the moment there is no guarantee that the company will not do it again.