Farmmi’s (FAMI) Two Subsidiaries Receive International Certification: A Good Buy For October?

Investors responded positively to Farmmi, announcing that two of its healthcare subsidiaries, Zhejiang Pharma Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Farmmi Food Co., Ltd., have received international certification. Also, the stock market shows that it markedly expanded by over 7% and trading at the value of $0.3605. To be more precise about the international certification of Lishui Shengeng, that it is a crucial brand verification for a thriving domestic and international business, as it strengthens the premium and competitive advantages of Farmmi products and confirms the progress.

The Lishui City ecological agricultural group enforces the Lishui ShanGeng certification based on third-party evaluation and certification. Inspectors are in charge of certifying tests, and technical service institutions work with China and other countries. The certification validates high-quality, branded agricultural products that adhere to strict organic agricultural and geographical indication, pollution-free, and organic growing criteria.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter