FIFA 20 On AMD Ryzen 7 3700U + Vega 10 FPS Test

Newest FIFA 20 is a light game that can be played on laptops which are not based on gaming. There are many mobile processors from Intel and AMD based on 10nm and 7nm architectures that allow less power consumption and faster speed to dwell inside CPUs. Well-known Youtube channel TechEpiphany tests AMD Ryzen 7 3700U plus integrated Vega 10 graphics. At 720p they test FIFA 20 on medium preset. The game is very exciting for they play Chelsea vs Spurs with Giroud who makes one goal. They didn’t mention on which laptop they play the game though I am quite sure Lenovo laptops could make him pick Thinkpad, Ideapad or Yoga.


Overall, CPU becomes hotter than GPU although it has 4 physical cores that heat on average 77 degrees in Celcius.  Vega 10 couldn’t heat that much but 56 degrees are serious numbers. Unfortunately, 12nm R7 3700U is still not improved while desktop versions contain the 7nm node. That’s why its TDP reaches 15W.

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Frame Time

Average 18ms is quite shocking at 720p while on desktop you may see average 9ms. Gaming on a laptop is still not a good idea unless special gaming laptop with flagship specs you could afford instead of optimized $500 desktop.

Frame Rate

The channel chose D3D12 benchmarking that shows average 50 FPS at 720p on medium preset. Very bad, better play on PS4 Pro or on gaming PC that can be built for around $700. If you are lazy to build your own PC buying could cost double. Just sit and watch how your laptop dies from gaming. Even cooler can’t help.

Gaming laptops for $1000 and above should play this game without problems. However, ordinary mid-range laptops will provide you some problems in thermals and graphics. Better build your own gaming PC.

Alex Krakowsky

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