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Fighting Marauder Tips in DOOM Eternal

The monster seemed scary to me in the intro scene but after reading the hints from the game my heartbeat became calmer. Usually, all the bosses are horrific and notorious. This time Marauder is very fast in the attack. However, he got a weak point and the right time to be defenseless. The minor evil soldiers frequently come out of nowhere and put my health in danger so I need to move and shoot as well.

Scary and Super Gun Resistant

Devil alike boss could scare you once when you watch him coming out of fast travel portal. Nevertheless, you could attack him by mid-range distance. Being close can be easy for him to damage your health. Too far distance might give him a nice opportunity to send sharp blades. Just need to wait when he turns light green to be fragile against any weapon. So, catch the moment and dodge like a monkey against the tiger. Hide behind the columns to take a little rest and health recover. Remember, you may die because of minor monsters attacking you as a sick dog from a different neighborhood.

Playing on PC could be awesome but PS4 could give you more joy while you lean against the soft couch. PC needs you to lift your hands a bit to control both mouse and keyboard. Relaxing could be slightly harder.