First 3DMark 11 Benchmarks Leaked For AMD “Renoir” APU Named AMD “Celadon-RN”

First engineering sample of AMD Renoir APU was tested on 3DMark 11 Benchmarks. But this time new code name revealed as Celadon-RN. Initially, reddit user _rogame has detected these leaks and quickly made interpretation of benchmark results. It might be unidentified motherboard manufacturer using 3DMark tools to test upcoming Renoir APUs for thorough performance overview. As all enthusiasts been informed that AMD’s Renoir APUs will be based on 7nm TSMC node and still Vega VCN 2.1 iGPU included within the package. Previously, many leaks indicated that Renoir chips also support LPDDR4X Memory types up to 4266 MHz speed for most probably laptop versions.

Reddit user _rogame has clearly put big highlights from 3DMark results including CPU and GPU clock speeds of AMD Renoir APU called Celadon-RN. There were three configurations in this test according to different clock speeds. Surprisingly, memory configurations were set to DDR4 2666 MHz which is obviously full fledged standard DDR4 RAM found on nowadays laptops and desktops.

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On the first configuration, the CPU base clock set to 1.7 GHz and GPU is 1.5 GHz as a result 3DMark 11 gave Overall 3578 points and complete score of P3 578. The submitted date also include here that’s September 18 2019. However, the reddit informer claimed that all results are made private now.

Second configuration of 3DMark test was 1.8 GHz for CPU base clock and unexpectedly GPU clock is unknown. Overall score produced into 3143 points and complete one is P3 143 respectively but this was earlier benchmark results dated on September 13 2019.

Last configuration of CPU base clock 2.0 GHz and GPU’s 1.1 GHz has produced only complete score of P2 374 and overall 2374 points in 3DMark software. Renoir “Celadon-RN” APUs is the latest information about new code name. Certainly, Renoir APUs will have multiple divisions according to laptop and desktop types divided into performance levels similar to Picasso APUs.

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Source: Reddit

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