First Intel Tiger Lake U Core i7-1185G7 Is Leaked With Disappointing Specs

Disappointment of the day is coming from Intel Corporation. Finally, mediocre quad core Tiger Lake U mobile processor name is revealed through the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmarks. Verily, the name of the processor is i7-1185G7 with probably Intel Iris Plus Graphics. Huge specs similarities you can clearly see with last year’s Ice Lake U processors.

Just how long Intel keeps bragging consumers with 10nm node based 4 core 8 thread processor specs where 7nm AMD Renoir ultra low powered APUs are having up to 8 cores 16 threads. These leaks were detected by well-known twitter user TUM_APISAK. Still, DDR4 memory chip is used for Tiger Lake U RAM and DDR5 is not appearing to be a current choice for Intel. Base clock is not confirmed yet but it’s established at 3.0 GHz frequency. Turbo max clock speed is also unknown.

All in all, 10nm process node gave Intel the largest crisis for it’s badly aging Core architecture created since Core 2 Duo family era. Simply, Core processor design architecture is not allowing Intel to shrink down to 10nm transistor size. This is why, Zen Core architecture designer (former AMD employee) Jim Keller has decided to help Intel by creating a new microarchitecture design from scratch that might scale down to 1nm process node as claimed by Intel last year.