Fisker and Rivian Might Get Autonomous Driving from VectorIQ and NVIDIA

After the successful IPO of Nikola, Workhorse, Ayro, and Electra Meccanica other emerging electric vehicle makers decide to join the bandwagon to let the global public take part in changing the world’s infrastructure. Soon Fisker and Rivian will debut by going public while the earliest owners may get high returns. Right now acquisition companies are bidding in a merger or partnering with them to enter the stock market.

Going for IPO is not enough to compete with EV manufacturers that already adopted autonomous driving. Fisker and Rivian ought to add autopilot features to luxury package perhaps. Their SUVs are too good to skip in getting bigger cars as North American drivers prefer such kind of vehicles at most.

Before offering possibly high return making stocks Rivian and Fisker might find the autopilot system developers like VectorIQ and NVIDIA which may offer mutually profitable partnerships. To compete with well-established Tesla that has installed autonomous driving in all models.