Five Finest TV Operating Systems You Should Know About

Everyone considers a lot of factors before buying a smart TV. You may have had the experience of buying one too. The screen size, screen resolution, pixel density, and manufacturing brand all affect the final decision of a buyer. However, a very critical question people often ignore is about the type of operating system that a smart TV comes with. It is important to know because an operating system directly impacts your experience. If the OS is good, going to the retail store to buy it and then paying your internet dues at the nearest Spectrum payment center will all be worth it.

This is because a smart TV that has a poor operating system will not be able to provide you with a good choice of applications, a useful user interface, or compatibility with third-party devices. Luckily, you have come to the right place to develop an understanding of the best operating systems. This blog is about Roku TV, Android TV, and other top operating systems for smart TVs.

Roku TV

Roku TV OS is one of the most popular ones in the smart TV industry. It can help you to connect the TV antenna to your Roku TV. Once you do so, you will be able to view an electronic program guide within the OS too. Apart from this, you will also be able to get a universal search function that will allow you to look up upcoming shows and movies. The operating system is present on many smart TVs from popular manufacturers such as Philips, Hitachi, and TCL, etc. The best part of having a Roku TV operating system is that you can also install private channels. This will help you to get access to a lot of content that is absent from the main store.


The WebOS is a smart TV operating system from LG. In 2014, it rose to popularity due to its user-friendly features. Since then, the company has been releasing updates frequently to improve the user experience further. There is a launch bar present at the screen’s bottom. It contains all applications and settings. You can customize the arrangement of apps on this bar. The good news is that this operating system is Bluetooth compatible. This means that you can easily connect hardware devices as keywords and mice with it quite easily. It is also compatible with Miracast which is a cordless version of HDMI. The operating system also supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Apart from this, you can easily switch between different applications. Furthermore, will also be able to gain access to an OLED image gallery and 360-degree video playback.

Android TV

Android TV operating system is very commonly found in smart TVs from different manufacturers. It is very user-friendly and provides a consistent experience to customers on devices. You can also use Chromecast to cast content from your smartphone to the TV. If you have Chrome installed on your computer, you can directly cast it to your TV. All you need to do is go to the menu and click on “cast” to do so. The operating system is also compatible with Google Assistant and you can use your voice to control every smart home device.


TizenOS is a powerful operating system from the Linux Foundation. It is present on Samsung devices and products such as TVs, cameras, and air conditioning units. The user interface is quite simple and the OS gets the design inspiration from WebOS. The horizontal bar is present at the screen’s bottom and contains apps. The operating system perfectly balances between simple and modern user interfaces. Even though it is minimalistic in appearance, it has all the necessary features that will improve your customer experience.

Fire TV Edition

The Fire TV Edition is an operating system released by Amazon for its Fire TV devices. The OS provides access to Alexa and it can allow you to control all your small home devices. You can even shop online with it. You can also download the applications present in the Amazon app store which contains all the best performing applications.

This is all about the best smart TV operating systems that you must research before purchasing that smart TV you have in mind!