Flare Is Going To Launch Songbird After The Observation Stage

In the last 24, Songbird (SGB) is showing outstanding results from $0.504424 to $0.603829, resulting in a 19% profit. Flare showed the launch of Songbird after the observation stage. According to the announcement, Songbird will go through three different stages before the official launch.

The first of these stages is the observation mode, which ended on September 27. This surveillance mode served to deploy and test the underlying network together with Oracle Time Series (FTSO).

Songbird aims to be a combination of an extended test network and, in the future, a place to test the control updates of Flare itself. In general, Flare is a scalable, low-cost, low-carbon, decentralized smart contract platform running an Ethereum virtual machine.

After the testing phase is completed, the consensus is fully transmitted by an external validator, and its SGB token will be used by the community as management.