Food Based SPAC IPO Alert: Tastemaker Acquisition (TMKRU)

How great to hear today that hospitality and restaurant focused special purpose acquisition company Tastemaker Acquisition is going public to raise $240 million at the initial price of $10 per share. The ticker symbol “TMKRU” has already appeared on trading platforms showing NASDAQGS will handle the trade.


As the pandemic is expected to fade soon tourism-related business will emerge faster than anticipated as people miss traveling so much. For sure, restaurants and hotels will be the first beneficiaries along with airlines. So, Tastemaker is on the start line to join the rally in a post-pandemic boom.

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$10 is the lowest IPO price while tech-related SPAC stocks used to offer their shares at a minimum of $17 per unit. Joining such SPAC stock may lead investors to earn around 50%. That’s just the first assumption coming out from our analysts who have seen such kind of unpredictable SPAC IPOs. Meanwhile, closely watching NASDAQGS: TMKRU until it reaches the $11 line and considering a buy option after that would be wise.

Richard McEntire

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