For The First Time, dYdX Surpassed The Coinbase In The Daily Trading Volume

The token is gaining more than 8% during the last 24 hours of trading. Just recently, it was announced that dYdX overcome Coinbase for the first time in the daily trading for this week. It is considered as the governance token of the dYdX exchange protocol. The users of the protocol, who is earning money with the help of trading with margins can be awarded retroactive rewards.

The token holders of the dYdX have some capabilities to manage the dYdX Layer 2 protocol which is constructed with Starkware. Currently, this innovation has more than $1,273,334,459 market capitalization which enables t to be in 92nd place on the whole market. Currently, dYdX has about 51 million coins with a total supply of $1 billion. Binance is considered the most active exchange if you are interested in obtaining or selling crypto. Besides the governing, the traders are able to get different kinds of discounts on dYdX, if they really have some tokens.