Ford Is Becoming The Fifth Most Costly Automaker In History

Ford company ranks fifth in the list of the most expensive automakers globally. However, following the results of Thursday’s trading session, Ford’s stock price rose by 2.25%, as a result, the company’s market capitalization exceeded as much as $100 billion for the first time in history. According to analysts of the publication, the growth of securities was due to Ford’s plans to increase the production of electric vehicles, including the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup. Earlier, the company announced that the Mustang Mach-E and an electric version of the most popular F-150 pickup truck, sales expected to begin this spring. Since the minimum reached in March 2020, the company’s market value has increased more than sixfold.


The company also stated that it will release a commercial e-Transit van this year. In this case, Ford intends to increase the production of traction batteries in the next three years to a level that allows 600,000 electric vehicles to be produced annually. By 2025, Ford will be able to come out on top in the United States to produce batteries for electric vehicles. While the industry leader is still Tesla, whose capitalization is more than $ 1 trillion. Now, the stock market of Ford is open at $25.02 by 2%.