Ford Motor (F) Stock Surges Almost 5%: Volatility Patch Continues To This Day

Volatility patch follows Ford Motor (F) nowadays, prices are slightly declining by 0.07% today. However, the weekly statistics show growth of 4.36%. Today the stock price has reached a new mark of $13.40. The stock value was fluctuating from $12.57 to $13.50 this month. The current stock price is equal to $13.40, which is 5.59% higher than it was in January. The annual statistics show that after the sharp breakout on July 3 when the stock price was $16, Ford Motor (F) is steadily declining its value. The total market capitalization has reached the point of $53.53 billion.robotics manufacturing The Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck hasn’t even been released yet, yet demand is so high that manufacturing is already ramping up. The first Lightning prototypes are coming off an assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan, for real-world testing, and the vehicle is expected to hit showrooms this spring. Ford (F) stated Thursday that it will invest an additional $250 million and create 450 jobs at three Michigan factories to improve production, citing 150,000 reservations for its first electric pickup vehicle. This comes on top of Ford’s $700 million investment last year to equip its historic Rouge factory for electric car production.

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