Foresight Autonomous Surges While Fisker Preps For IPO Before Installing Autopilot System

After continuous improvement of Tesla’s autonomous driving, many auto manufacturers decide to install the system to gain a competitive edge in the well-saturated market. One of the autopilot developers Foresight Autonomous (NASDAQ: FRSX) has come out with the most advanced tech that detects any object in any harsh weather and light. Thanks to synced work between GPS and visual program backed by AI.

Through decades Fisker made many attempts to inject its sports electric convertibles into mass market but the public wasn’t ready. Following mass sales of millions of Nissan Leaf and Tesla cars, Fisker finally makes a further step to IPO through SPAC (special purpose acquisition company).

Soon Fisker may go ahead with applying autopilot system to its Ocean model before launching it for mass production in 2021. That time many electric SUVs will debut and drivers will have a diverse range of zero-emission muscle cars.