Francesca Mobile App By Poq Will Boost Revenue Significantly. Here is Why

After announcing a partnership with Poq to develop a mobile application Francesca’s stock NASDAQ: FRAN more than doubled in pre-market activity. Now it is traded at $7.98 with possibly soaring daily trading volume.

Actually, Francesca’s decision to create its own mobile app comes very late. It left so much money on the table while other brands were increasing their sales via mobile apps. Within a couple of months, Poq may come up with a good app that could make Francesca’s revenue keep soaring as many potential customers spend much of their time using smartphones.

Its online store looks nice while browsing with Chrome or Safari. However, the younger generation prefers apps due to their easiness in use and larger smartphone’s internal storage.

Typing in the browser and seeking in search engines take more time than just opening the app and start shopping with few more clicks.