FTX (FTT) Surges 15%: Time To Make Money?

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders for traders. During the day, the cryptocurrency is swiftly volatilized, hitting a low point of 11%. Nevertheless, after its sharp fall, it quickly recovered, and it is trading at $57.78 by over 15% profit in the last 10 hours. Despite that, the market cap is $6,983,389,914 and the trading volume consists of $1,009,888,905. FTX Trading LTD is registered in Antigua and Barbuda, with its headquarters in the Bahamas.
Cryptocurrency Rules & Regulations You Should Know | SoFiFTX was founded to donate to the world’s most effective charities, and it is proud to have partnered and cooperated with many leading cryptocurrency firms. FTX, its branches, and its employees have donated over $10m to help save lives, prevent suffering, and ensure a brighter future. It aims to develop a reliable platform for professional trading firms and is intuitive enough for novice users.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter