fuboTV (FUBO) Pops: What Should You Know About The Investors?

Yesterday, it was announced that financial results for the third hurter will be available on November 9. After releasing the results, the CEO of the company, David Gandler, CFO Simone Nardi will have a video podcast. Every time when the company will grow, the different kind of institutions will raise their ownership in the company. However, insider ownership is declining over time. Currently, the market capitalization of the fuboTV is about 4 which can mean that the company is prey large.

As it can be analyzed, the company does not the institutional investors however, they own a significant portion of the FUBO’s stock. It means that the company has some degree of credibility in the investment community. Since more than half of the issued stock belongs to institutional investors, it will be good for the board to take into account their preferences. Additionally, the stock is not owned by any hedge funds.