Function X Skyrockets: Should We Consider It As A Long-Term Investment?

During the week, Function X’s price soared 151%. And today the price skyrockets 129% and is trading at $1.64. Function X has a current supply of 408,520,357. Currently, it is trading on 14 active markets, where 1,354,912.86 dollars have been sold in the last 24 hours. Function X (FX) is an ERC-20 token of the f(x) project, which is positioned as an ecosystem completely built on the basis of blockchain. f(x) consists of an operating system, a public blockchain, FXTP, docker, and IPFS.

According to the official website, the scalable, open, decentralized blockchain Function X is currently under development. The token of function X has been available in Ethereum since 2019, and in function X since 2021. They are fully compatible, and users can transfer function X to and from both blockchains while maintaining a fixed total supply and liquidity. The f(x) ecosystem is completely decentralized. It is designed and built for autonomous operation for an unlimited time without dependence or supervision from any person or organization.