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Furiously Surging Stock To Get Huge Returns: CHF Solutions (CHFS)

Minnesota’s CHF Solutions (NASDAQ: CHFS) pops 16% today after losing significantly since July 2020. It seems to grow further as the uptrend starts from day one of October. CHF’s well known Aquadex equipment provides vital aid to COVID-19 patients in removing fluid and sodium. Only this product and micro solutions are generating revenue for the company with an insufficient amount as the earnings are still negative in fiscal reports.

Very strange spikes happened within a year; January 15 shows $1.09 on over 2 million shares and July 29 points $0.96 by trading more than 126 million shares. Now CHFS attempts to get back to those positions by tripling the share price and making some investors richer than yesterday.

This week CHFS will likely reach $0.45 from a positive scenario but the trouble is always nearby and ready to hurt the stock any time. In October the stock may slowly get to $1.00 line if the growth happens steadily. Sparing several hundreds of dollars could make any gambler win high margins.